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‘Ayushmann sir aapki script chori karli’ – Fans react as Prithvi Shaw gets attacked by fans over refusal for selfie

Prithvi Shaw

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‘Ayushmann sir aapki script chori karli’ – Fans react as Prithvi Shaw gets attacked by fans over refusal for selfie

The Delhi Capital batter’s friend’s car has been vandalized and attacked by a set of attackers after they were refused a selfie by the Mumbai opener. Cricket is a massive sport in India and fans in the country are crazy for cricket players. They can do anything for a chat, picture or video with a player who plays for the Indian cricket team. Players often agree to the requests of the fans but there are times when they cannot fulfil the demands of each and every fan. 

After Prithvi Shaw allegedly refused them selfies at a five-star hotel located, a crowd of fanatics damaged his friend’s car. According to an ABP report, Shaw was not in the car at the time of the event, and Sana Gill and Shobit Thakur have been accused in a police complaint. According to reports, the event happened on February 15 at the Mansion Club of the Sahara Star Hotel in Mumbai. 

According to the report, the group of suspects asked the batsman to take a selfie inside the hotel, and the cricketer complied. But when the fans asked for the second time, the cricketer refused which left them infuriated. The manager asked the fans to leave from there as Shaw left in a different car, he wasn’t part of the incident. 

The accused, who was enraged by how the matter played out, awaited outside the hotel for him and his friend to leave. They followed the friend’s car, anticipating the cricketer would be there too, and then they stopped it close to the Jogeshwari Link Road Lotus gas station. The accused then assaulted Shaw’s friend in addition to smashing the car’s windows with a baseball cap. He was even subject to 50,000 in blackmail by the accused.

The cricketer’s companion immediately went to the Oshiwara Police Station and made a statement before filing a complaint. Sana Gill and Shobit Thakur have been charged with crimes under sections 384, 143, 148, 149, 427, 504, and 506 of the Indian Criminal Code by the police, who have said they are now looking into the event. 

Fans react to this incident which involves the Delhi Capitals opener: 

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