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Former Pakistan cricketer slams Indian Cricket Board for not allowing Pakistani players in Indian T20 League

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Former Pakistan cricketer slams Indian Cricket Board for not allowing Pakistani players in Indian T20 League

The 16th edition of the India T20 League started with a bang as the defending champions Gujarat defeated Chennai by 5 wickets in the opening match of the season on Friday. Chennai posted 178 for 7 to which Gujarat replied with 182 for 5 in 19.2 overs to get the winning start.

India T20 League is the most popular cricket league in the world that features players from different cricketing nations. However, there is one country whose players are not allowed to play in the league, and that is Pakistan. However, Pakistani players were a part of the inaugural season in 2008, but things changed after the terror attacks in Mumbai and the increased political tensions between both nations.

Pakistan’s World Cup-winning captain in 1992 and former Prime Minister Imran Khan, recently, highlighted this topic and slammed the Indian Cricket board. Imran said that the Pakistani players should not worry about India not allowing them to play in the league. The former fast bowler also said that India acts as a superpower in cricket.

“I find it strange that the Indian cricket board would take it out on the Pakistan cricket players (by not allowing them to feature in the Indian T20 League) and it just reeks of arrogance,” said Imran while speaking to Times Radio.

“If India doesn’t allow Pakistan players (to play Indian T20 League) so be it. Pakistan should not worry about it,” the former cricketer added.

‘It is a sad and unfortunate affair’ – Imran

Imran Khan also said that the Indian Cricket Board has become a dictator and are always targeting Pakistani players. He also mentioned that Pakistan also have their own T20 League (Pakistan Super League) where foreign cricketers play.

“It is a sad and unfortunate affair, the relationship between Pakistan and India. There is a lot of arrogance in the way India now behaves in the cricketing world as a superpower. Because of their ability to generate a lot of funds, more than any other country, I think they almost dictate now as a sort of the arrogance of a superpower of who they should play and who they shouldn’t,” Imran said.

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