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WATCH: Dhanashree Verma captures Shreyas Iyer and Shardul Thakur’s epic dance performance at latter’s wedding


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WATCH: Dhanashree Verma captures Shreyas Iyer and Shardul Thakur’s epic dance performance at latter’s wedding

Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife Dhanshree Verma recently shared a humorous video from the cricketer Shardul Thakur’s wedding celebrations on social media. Shardul and Shreyas Iyer can be seen performing the well-known love ballad from Bollywood while having fun in the video. Both of them were mentioned in Dhanshree’s Instagram post, which she titled “Let’s Kickstart.”

The two Indian cricketers can be seen having fun during the wedding festivities in the video, which has gone viral on social media. Standing together and having fun, the couple can be seen singing the song “Tum Jo Mera Saath Do.” Fans enjoyed the cricketers’ spontaneous performance and appreciated their vocal prowess as well as the fun mood of the occasion.

Dhanshree has gained another accomplishment thanks to the video she posted from the Shardul Thakur wedding celebrations. Her fans were quick to respond to the video, with many applauding the event’s lively atmosphere and the spontaneous moment. Cricket fans have also been watching the video intently since they love seeing their favourite players having fun off the field.

Watch it here:

Indian Cricketers (Source: Twitter)

Indian Cricketers (Source: Twitter)

Shardul Thakur and Shreyas Iyer – Potential young players of Indian Cricket Team

Yuzvendra Chahal’s wife, Dhanshree Verma, is a well-known dancer and social media influencer. She has been more well-known in recent years because of her excellent dance moves and entertaining videos. Videos of her dancing to well-known Bollywood music and displaying her talent are all over her Instagram profile. She has a large social media fan base and has worked with many well-known Indian celebrities.

Both Shardul and Shreyas are potential young players in Indian Cricket, and they are well-known for their outstanding on-field performances. The cricketers’ fun-loving attitudes and ability to let their hair down and have a good time are highlighted in the video Dhanshree shared.

It gives us hope to see our favorite players having fun and getting a break from their demanding schedules.

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