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World Cup 2023: India might be sacked as hosts for mega event amidst many controversies – Reports

Roger Binny (left) and Indian Cricket Team (right)

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World Cup 2023: India might be sacked as hosts for mega event amidst many controversies – Reports

The Indian Cricket Body is having problems with the 50-over World Cup in 2023. The Indian board is fighting back on two fronts at once. The Apex Council of Cricket has given Indian Cricket Body the go-ahead to address the problem. If they cannot, the Indian Governing  Body may decide to shift the WC from India.

The last time India hosted any major tournament was in 2016, when they hosted the 20-20 World Cup, where the Indian Cricket Body failed to resolve the tax issue. Cricket Governing Council deducted Rs 190 crore from Indian Cricket Body’s annual share. 

This time, the council of cricket has raised the tax bill to 21.84% or $116m (Rs 900 Crore). If the Cricket body can’t convince the Indian government of a tax rebate for the World Cup 2023, the board could end up losing Rs 900 Cr.

“It’s Indian Cricket Body’s money. If the Council of Cricket can’t settle this issue before the World Cup arrives and end up deducting it from India’s revenue share from the Apex Council for Cricket, even this will end up in a legal battle,” News18 quoted sources.

Will India host the 2023 ODI World Cup?

As per the Apex Council of Cricket’s policy, the host nation has to arrange tax concessions from their respective governments. However, the Indian Cricket Body hasn’t taken any action to convince the authorities in this regard. 

As a result of the international organisation deducting the sum from the Indian Board’s share of the earnings, the Indian Cricket Body has instead appealed to Council for Cricket tribunal.

For the 20-20 World Cup 2016, the Apex Council for Cricket procured a 10.3% tax benefit from Indian tax authorities. The Cricket Governing Council has once again managed to procure interim tax rebates from the Indian government.

“What will the government tell its tax-paying citizens? That the only sport in this country that earns money will be exempt of taxes? How well will that sit? There’s no way the government will say anything on this,” sources told News18.

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